We're better because ...

... we provide the best possible services to support our products

On-the-job education & supervision of development teams in using an ULTRA4 product within a real-world project
  • at the customer’s premises or remotely (by utilizing video conferencing, webinars, online knowledge base, blog)
  • including project success guarantee
  • ending up with the transfer of the complete know-how on the product and it's source code to the team
  • with free-of-charge extensions of the product's features during the project according to the development needs
Golden support after project completion and takeover of the product by the development team
  • immediate reaction to any question/problem
  • use of video conferencing and webinars for discussions on any issue and remote education
  • access to our online knowledge base
  • blogging on important subjects of our products
  • online registration of problems, bugs and suggestions
  • request to be called immediately by us for free, with world wide coverage
... the key persons remain unchanged during the entire duration of any project
... progress reports (including risk assessment) are communicated periodically during the entire duration of any project
... you always receive a full explanation of the charged amounts and the corresponding services/effort made
... we blog about the important subjects of our products, to provide detailed inside information on the choices and the architecture

... for the development of software applications we use our state-of-the-art ULTRA4 Development Suite

For the development of software applications we use our state-of-the-art ULTRA4 Development Suite, that is a comprehensive and with every new project steadily extended core infrastructure that covers all the aspects of advanced internet business applications. It furthermore offers access to these applications by telephone, SMS and mobile devices. Developing customized software on top of such an advanced infrastructure guarantees that

  • nothing is developed by "reinventing the wheel" (but by utilizing one of the leading solutions available in the market)
  • you will always get the most outstanding technologies at affordable prices with minimal time-to-market

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